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Hello @Rahul Aryan,


I spent almost one month to think about Anspress features, and you may post a “question” here to ask full feature request if you like, before that, here is three points what I am thinking:


  1. Aim: It is time to replace BBpress or some other plugin by Anspress, Yes, this is ambition Aim, but I think it is very close,  the Positioning Aim of Anspress should be next generation XXX…
  2. Present Advantage of Anspress:  AnsPress capabilities under Role editor is much flexible to allow site administrator to use Anspress as Forum or a Q&A or support ticket system.
  3. Disadvantages are also the aspects that Anspress should be improved and the features should be come from and added in the future version, do you agree?


so here are the future feature request list, and I think Anspress is at right position to gain the prospect and achieve the positioning Aim by these features, and we are glad to contribute on these features:

1. Mobile friendly, AMP integration if possible to improve high performance.

2. Several Backend Option of enable/disable to make Anspress more flexible:

  • Backend Option: Infinite loading/pagnation in question list page

(During discuss with @Rahul, inifinite loading is not friendly to some site which care more SEO, but some social site/support forum really not care about CEO);

  • Backend Option: Infinite loading/pagnation in a specific question page with the question content and comments, it will much friendly experience.
  • Backend Option: Thumbnail or Featured Images/Medias(maybe user embed online videos)  with text excerpts style under each question title support  in question list page if there are images/medias in a specific question.


I am online marketing director, and I think this is much important to attract users participate in a specific topic. I agree Anspress is much flexible to be Forum, Q&A, Ticket support. but I think it.

  • Backend Option: turn off text editor to plain text editor(no html editor), it is not only improve the speed, but also it is not be useful in most of Forum.
  • Backend Option: allow custom Login URL, allow custom login page or URL, this would be much helpful in Multisite.

3. Any Specific question content including Comments will POP up with a single layer over the question list page.

if yes, it would be much like twitter style, but if not, it would be mostly like Facebook style, and infinite loading and Ajax comment is essential.

A plugin of custom post Popup: https://wordpress.org/plugins/custom-post-popup/



4.Several Post features to improve user experiences:

  • Ajax Comment Feature ONE:, Since both A specific question and comment  content will be infinite loading, Ajax comment would be much convenient to participate the topics just like Twitter of Facebook.
  • Add a “Add answer” below the question in a specific single question page. Reason 1#: there is only a button of “Add a comment” now ,  and the “answer form” is at the bottom of the page, if it is infinite loading in a this page, a user have to look all of the Answers to find the answer form.  Reason 2#:  The most important is that “Add a comment” can be disabled by clicking “Disable comments on questions” at backend, and only leave “Add a comment” on Answers so that users can discuss on specific answers in details(This is actually the MOST POPULAR way of Anspress usages in most of sites). I think it is quite reasonable,  why?  whether the comment on a specific question is enable or disabled, the author of question will received emails whatever it is answers or comments, but the way disable comment on a question and only allow “add answer” on it is much practical and responsible. Anyway, Add a button of “Add a answer”  and it will activate a Ajax answer input form on clicking is much efficient for site management and also convienient for users.
  • Images/Medias Lazy loading in questions list page  and in a specific question content page. it will much helpful to  speed experience
  • user avatar show at left of question title on mobile.

Avatars are not just a good looking style, it is social recognition from online social marketing view. so just keep Avator style of Mobile mode as PC mode.

  • Remove “Browser from computer

Both PC mode and mobile since it add one additional step for user post, multi images should be allow to upload, and the images numbers should be available to be customaed at backend setting page.

  • POP up “Ask form” in questions page, Option to redirect to the posted question or just close ask form. 
  • An Sticky and Floating  “+” Mobile Menu button Item both in PC Mode and Mobile mode, it means “ASK”.
  • that the user himself could choose which notifications to receive and which not to receive. It is desirable that this be integrated into the BuddyPress profile settings(from @cema93 https://anspress.io/questions/question/notification-settings-page/)


5.Two Features with Buddypress to replace BBPRESS completely:

For security consideration,  most of wordpress sites disable the access to backend dashboard, and also users complain the bad experience of wordpress dashboard. Buddypress is now almost a user center, and that is why a lot of plugin try to integrate with Buddypress, like frontend post, forum, ERP/CRM, even Events/Canlender,  woocommernce…. plugins. it is a cleaver and great way to expand plugin download, since Buddypress is used in lots of social communities.

  • Add “ASK question” item in Q&A menu on buddypress user profile, that will allow site adminitors totally replace BBpress.
  • Add  an option “Enable Q&A for Buddypress groups” in Anspress backend setting page, this will also be  a must function to replace BBpress.

Actually, a lots of plugins are already in this way, here are examples:

RTmedia is a frontend media upload tool:http://prntscr.com/i1o4vb

BBPRESS: http://prntscr.com/i1o66q

So, the features of Enable both post in BP profile and group will greatly stimulate administrators to use Anspress.



@Rahul Aryan

Would you please post by yourself so that let more contributors to join and also It is easy to evaluate the time of version release, also I would like to donate. and let me know what you thing, thanks.



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Hello Alex, I will replay to your post after solving upload issue bug. Its taking more then expected time and I am almost getting close to deadline.

Similar to twitter and Facebook style.

Yahoo homepage change to all of post popup, it is really great experience.




Whilst I agree with some (a small percentage) of these changes, I do not think that they apply to everyone’s needs. Additionally, you also have to consider the time required to develop these changes whilst ensuring that they do not break the functionality of what is already in place.

Are you a developer ? If so, you could assist with this process by creating proof-of-concept pull requests on Github, or at the very least, provide a mock-up of how you think these changes should be factored in. AnsPress is a community based plugin (until the PRO version is released which will attract development changes faster as it will no doubt be paid for), and the general idea is that you take what is in the base code, and if you need to make changes to it, you fork it and maintain it yourself, or use the template system to move things around as I have on my site (https://www.phenomlab.com).

I am a developer in the LAMP stack, and having looked at the changes you’re requesting, I’d say that this would take even a competent dev weeks to implement – let alone any regression testing.

Lastly, you can donate at https://www.paypal.me/nerdaryan

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