Follow question, it does not work

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1 Clic Follow question,  show You are following this question and change a Unfollow question

2 I go back to the question and appears Follow Question


Try development version of AnsPress from Github.

it does not work.

andpress is installed on WordPress multi site with w3 total cache. Can this affect?

Don´t show users that Follow question.
it does not wortk mark, unmark, Follow question, Unfollow question, …

Its due to cache plugin. AnsPress page contents are dynamic so it with not work with cache plugin.

disabled and uninstalled w3 total cache. Delete all files in folder w3…, parameters in htacess and wp-config.php.

Error persists.

After uptate to AnsPress 2.4. vote work fine, but click follow question is still not working.

After uptate to AnsPress 2.4.1 click follow question is still not working.