Allow anonymous voting

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I am annoyed, I’m stuck on configuring anspress module.
I would like to allow anonymous voting, but despite my multiple configuration attempts, I can not vote anonymously.

Is this possible? I have not found in php files where the condition is done ..

Thank you in advance for helping me

Vince 43Degr├ęs


You can achieve this by hacking core, check here: Vote method, edit this method and just update post meta vote count if user is not logged in.


No, anonymous voting is not possible yet.

Thanks for your answer!

Can you tell me where the restriction is located in the code please?

Your module corresponds to my needs but I must allow anonymous vote.

Thank you a lot !

Hi 43degres, Can you share how you edited the vote method to allow anonymous voting? I am new to this and I can’t figure out how to edit it. Thank you!