clic on vote it does not work

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Clic on vote, show Thanks for you vote but, vote count = 0.


it is not work on my website too.

click the follow and the vote, tips show “success”,but after refresh the page. vote and follow status have not change!

PS:I have disable “WP Super cache” plugin

directory set to 755

http server is Nginx

Can you send us details of your site to our support email?

I had send the mail to [email protected] from zetachow(at) , thx!


Its due to cache. If you want detailed answer please send your site link with temporary access to [email protected]

Sended email with user and password for access.


It’s been seven days and I have not received a response.

It has been testing?


I am too busy to check your site. will see when I get little time.

I tested it, everything is working on main site, but it does not work on all other sites (doesn’t work voting and suscription question).