[Feature Request] Ajax Search, Related Questions, Leaderboard, social share etc.

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Hi, I have been going through the plugin and have some requests to make.

1. Related Questions in the Right Sidebar

2. Daily Weekly & Monthly Leaderboard in Sidebar

3. Social Share buttons below Question

4. Options to Follow other users

5. Ajax based search for questions ( Instant search while typing )

6. Live Notifications – Real time site updates. [ If a topic changes while you are reading or responding to it, or new replies arrive, it will update automatically. As new topics arrive, they also appear at the top of the list. ]

7. Answers by staff, forum admin to be highlighted ( may be with a colored background )

8. Ajax login on the same page without being redirected to another page for login & register.

9. On Single Question page  , Active | Voted | Newest | Oldest should be ajax based. Now when we click on oldest page reloads again. Need to get rid of this.

Sorry, for this long list 🙂

✔ On Single Question page , Active | Voted | Newest | Oldest should be ajax based @done (15-05-14 13:10)


Welcome Deepak,

  1. Widget already exists
  2. Will be available in near future
  3. Will be added in upcoming version
  4. Already under development.
  5. Its already exist, but it disabled due to some bug.
  6. Already under development. But you mush have Nodejs or Push service to use our upcoming realtime update and notifications.
  7. You can do it by simple css.
  8. Will be added in upcoming version.
  9. Will be added in upcoming version.

Cheers. and give us a 5 star here: https://wordpress.org/support/view/plugin-reviews/anspress-question-answer?rate=5#postform

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any news for leaderboard? i think that if people can “compete”, they are more motivated to help.

@Rahul Aryan – regarding item 5 (the live search), could you let me know what the bug is that you experienced and where/how you disabled this functionality? Basically whatever details you have. I want to look into re-enabling this for my install and fixing whatever the issue is. I can share my fix when done (if I can achieve a solution). Thanks.

any news for ajax search?

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