Entire site blank when logged out

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I have a problem with a fresh install of AnsPress. Blank wordpress, just installed AnsPress, the AskBug theme and all of its requirements. Everythign works fine when logged in, but in another browser the site just shows a blank page.
Enabled debug mode, no errors shown.

The main content area in the source code is empty:

<div id="seed-csp4-page">
<div id="seed-csp4-content">

</div><!-- / #seed-csp4-content -->

<!--[if lt IE 9]>
jQuery(document).ready(function($){$.supersized({slides:[ {image : ''} ]});});

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I can reach the /login/ page, but nothing else: /questions/ /answers/ /tags/, nothing


Found the bug, the plugin isnt compatible with the “Hide My Site” plugin

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Thanks for letting us know. There are lots of plugin available in wp.org and we cannot make AnsPress compatible with all of them.

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