does anspress still have user ranks, badges features?

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when i was looking at the old changelog for anspress, i noticed it added user ranks, badges features at that time.


But when i am looking the newest version on anspress i have installed, i dont see it has user ranks, badges features, at least i dont see it in backend admin option page.

so my question is where did user ranks, badges features go? thanks


It was removed from core to keep AnsPress simple. This will be released as an extension, so that only interested people can install it.

that makes sense. do you have any timeline as to when this extension would be available? I am looking forward seeing this extension!

I will love this function too.


AnsPress Ranks extension will release before 30th of this month.

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Do you have a specific day ? 🙂

You have 25% chance to guess the day right, @Jeremie!

I’m excited about ranks and badges myself!

Can’t find any info on this, has it been released?


When will it be? I am impatient


I don’t see that one here and almost a year has been over… this feature is dead?

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Hello Riko,
No its not but yes its delayed too much. I am implementing BadgeOS for AnsPress reputation and badges. AnsPress reputation will be removed and when BageOs is installed user can use both badge and reputation.

Awesome! And when that will be expected?

p.s ‘Comment’ feature is not quite clear for the moment. It is understandable only for the first comment. But then visually it is weird if you want to answer to your comment – you need to press ”comment” that is located above the second,3,4,5,6 etc. comments. I think visually this needs to be improved because it is confusing.

After 4.0. Currently working on AnsPress 4.0. This will have lots lots of optimization fixes. Currently our main concern is only about optimization. Will check other issues after this release.


Hi Rahul, first of all, congratulations on AnsPress, it looks fantastic!  We are planning on using it for a project.  I was wondering if the Ranks extensions is something you still are planning to release soon?


AnsPress still has reputation system, it’s useful as it is.

As for ranks/badges, most I know is