dropdown menu is out of screen

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When I click on sort by or category button at the top, the dropdown menu opens up outside of screen on small screens.



I searched the questions but seems like I am the only one with this problem.

One similar problem. When adding tags to post a question, tag suggestion dropdown comes down and covers post question button. Can’t click on the post question button because of this.

Please help, Thank you in advance.


Tags suggestion issue has been solved, you can download master branch from GitHub, https://github.com/anspress/tags-for-anspress

Hi Rahul. After I updated the tags-for-anspress from GitHub on the ASK Form I’m no longer able to Post a Question – it shows “This field is required” on the Tags field.

When you updated ? get latest master zip again, cause we pushed some changes yesterday. You need to add tag by pressing enter key or comma key.

i just tried again with latest version. When I press “post question” it stays with the Loading Symbol stays there with the icon spinning and the question is not posted.

Did you updated AnsPress as well ? only updating tags extension will not work.

I’ve just updated anspress as well … Now I can post a question no problem… but there is 2 problems. 1 – when you type a new tag and hit enter it shows ‘This field is required’ but if type the new tag and use “,” instead of “enter” it works. 2 – On the previous version I’ve set in Options Max 1 tag Minimum 1 tag.. so user could and must only inset 1 tag when posting a question… now with the updated version even setting max 1 min 1 there is no limitations

Please post this as new question as 2.4-RC is currently being developed and this issue will be fixed.