Disable description field on ask question form

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How to delete / disable the description field on ask question forms. If the questions is short then it becomes redundant for user to type it twice.

I found the code snippet on deprecated.php that maybe relevant with it ap_get_ask_form_fields()

If it’s the correct code, could you tell me how to override it ?. Thanks

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You have to use ap_question_form_fields hook to filter question fields. Then just

unset( $form[’fields’][’post_content’] );

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Yes, that was deprecated. You can check this new method: AP_Form_Hooks::question_form(). For removing description, simply unset post_content using hook.

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I’ve put this on child’s theme function. But still didn’t work. What should I do ?

add_action( ‘question_form’, ‘remove_description_field’, 9 );
function remove_description_field(){
remove_action( ‘question_form’, array( ‘AP_Form_Hooks’, ‘post_content’ ) );