Comment count doesn’t seem to be correct

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Hi Rahul,

I followed the WordPress Codex for number of comments per question as below

However, this doesn’t seem to report the correct number. For example, I have over 15 comments on a particular question, but the codex function returns only two ?

Doesn’t seem to matter if this is inside the loop or out.

Any thoughts ?


Validated as working

$args = array(
‘count’ => true,
‘parent’ => get_the_ID()
$totalcomments = get_comments($args);

<!– Comment Count –>
<a class=”ap-questions-count ap-questions-ccount” href=”<?php echo ap_answers_link(); ?>”>
<span itemprop=”commentCount”><?php echo $totalcomments ?></span>
<?php _e( ‘Comments’, ‘anspress-question-answer’ ); ?>

Works as intended once the comment_parent mapping is correctly configured

commented on answer

Hello Mark,
I don’t think this snnipet is doing what you are trying to achive. parent argument is used to get child comments of a comment.

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