I’m back to work again 🙂

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Hello Friends,

Sorry for not replaying support questions and delaying schedule release. Due to some problme I was not able to work. From today I am back to work again.

Thank you for understanding and support.


Rahul Aryan.

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Welcome back ! Why are you apologising ? You are allowed to get ill ?

Back down to business ?

Here’s a rundown of my wish list

1. AnsPress PRO

2. Integration with Ultimate Member

3. Mentioning ability without using user profile add-on

4. Integration with MyCRED

I’m more than happy to help out where I can with any of these. AnsPress is now the featured product on my site at https://www.phenomlab.com and as a thank you for your work, I’m offering my services again as a moderator, and Dev.

I bet you’re sorry you posted now ?

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Hello Mark,
I am grateful for your support. I am not getting time to update my site once I do, i’ll surely send you an invitation. At the moment my AnsPress setup is not setup for multi moderator (missing the revision feature :)).

Thanks for reminding me for my tasks :). A basic UM integration addon will be added to AnsPress and you can keep extending it.

Thanks for being part of AnsPress community.