Cache issue with Anspress

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Hi Rahul,

I transferred my files from the staging server to Live domain and many of the visitors are complaining like:

– Their answers to a particular question is showing on all questions.
– Sorting not working.
– Search not working.

While few users are able to access it easily. All the users arefromn professional industry so I am sure they are not kidding.

Here is the staging server URL:
and Here is the Live URL: Рit might ask you a password to access the site as its in beta mode and open for few volunteers right now and they are the one sending bugs.

Just for your information – I’ve copied the github version of files to my WP-Plugins, is it a problem? Should I go with AnsPress plugin files? Last time when I used AnsPress files, it was not showing few functionalities like Member’s profile and Reputation system.

Please let me know why its happening? When I ask them to clear cache they started to get correct output.
They are accessing the live site first time so Cache should not be a problem, right?

Please help on this.




Thanks, Rahul I uploaded 4.1.7 version now and getting one more issue, now no one can post answer to any question because answer box is not working. I changed the option from backend to “Quick editor” but its not working either. I am sending you credentials for the live site in a private message.


Please check if there is any error in browser console.


Yes, it was a known issue in version 4.1.6. But it got fixed in 4.1.7.


Can you also supply the password to the live server ?


Possibly a dumb question, but have you cleared the cache on the new server ?