infinite load by “load more” and pop up content

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Hello @Rahul Aryan,


Continue with the following topic:

Infinite load by “load more”?


Firstly, please allow me to express my opinion: this is mobile times not PC mode times.

A great example is that I bought a NO.1 theme from theme forest last year, but today, most of theme build with AMP:

and it developed so fast, for example: you might find that a theme sales 7,109 within several month.

So, how to make Anspress much friendly for Mobile mode sense is the key of keeping in mind.

As to the topic of infinite load by “load more” and pop up content, I found Quara is a example for your reference:

1# this is the question list:



2# this is a specific question pop up LAYER: it is fullscreen in Mobile mode, and it can close by click X


3# but, the layer can also be closed by slide down with finger touch, you can see half of POP UP LAYER, and the question list page under the POP UP LAYER in the following screenshot, but for Anspress, I think it would be ok if the POP UP Layer could be closed by click X



4#Anspress can work as both Q&A and forum, but I think the most important for the forums for mobile mode is how to show medias.

As to latest statistics of 2017, 98% users buy things with Moblie mode on Amazon, and 99% users on taobao(the largest b2c site in Asia).

if you access their forums, twitter or Facebook, the most attractive  is there are several thumbnails images or embed videos under the forum title( or question title), that would be much much attract users join the forum topic and encourage users to upload and share their images or other medias.

As conclusion here:

1. Several thumbnail medias under question support. image lazy loading support.

3.user avatar show at left of question title on mobile.

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Hello Alex,

I respect your time and research. But infinite loading was removed from my development list due to compatibility issue with other themes. Infinite loading will suite more as theme functionality rather then in plugin. Its not hard to add infinite loading but there may be SEO issues. As you know I am already using infinite loading in some pages but I am avoiding to add it to question list.

I will share code snippet to implement infinite loading for question list.

NB: Comments already have infinite loading.

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Hello Rahul,

Thanks, it is fine if you can share code snippet of infinite loading for question list.

By the way, What about your plan on ajax replay and ajax comment? 🙂



Hello @Rahul Aryan,

Please note that I add the point 4 of thumbnail media support.
By the way, it would be great if you can share infinite loading code snippets for the version 4.14




Hello @Rahul Aryan,

Also, you might like to comparing the style between Facebook and twitter. there is no popup in Facebook.


There are two same aspects between:

1#Infinite loading, including comments

2#Embedded rich content show up if there are, while not just show the text title. that will much attractive to users to paticipate since not everyone is copy writer and capable of writing much attractive sentence.


One different aspect:

twitter pop up any individual or single topic, but Facebook not, it just loading infinitely by Ajax, so, whether it will Pop up in Anspress future version, it is all up to your decision.




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Hello Alex,

Thanks for suggestion. I will check which issues can be fixed now.

I am trying to figure out how I can add Google’s AMP for AnsPress pages. There will be lots of tasks and testings but sooner or later it will happen.

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Ok, I understand.

As to infinite lading and the question content POP, twitter style is much great one.

AMP, is just example of mobile sense, if Ajax is quick way, I think it is also ok to implement for first step since most of theme is responsive.

Anyway, AMP is something optimized, and it will load page quickly. I think the most important is the user experience in two aspects:

1# infinite loading in question list ( actually you already do that under buddypress user profile), it will be great friendly in mobile mode.

2# POP up any specific question content including its answer and comment, and it will also much friendly to mobile mode. Since it is much trouble to go back and find the position of question list page where he viewed last time, because he might be at NO 10 page last, but if he actually refresh question list page and have to start at first page.

I think, only If the above two aspects completed, AMP would be value added.


I am thinking about a different template structure and files for mobile layout. AMP has their own tags and mixing it with current template will be confusing for users. I will let you know when I start development for AMP.