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Hello, I need to build a website which some experts will come together and users will be able to ask questions to them. But I couldnt find a theme which has that functionally. Is this theme has these features?

Ask to specific person and get answer from him (public or private)

Ask to public and only experts can answer it.

Please let me know is it possible to do these with your theme. Because I have to build it as soon as possible.

I look forward to your reply, thank you ?

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Like you, I am building something similar. My site is

I am not a developer, and the developer that was working for me created me a bad child theme, and he is no longer available as he is preparing for his wedding in 2 weeks time.

I have also asked Rahul for the ability to tag users.

I am building a site that has 2 classes of users: Experts and Normal users. My intention is to build an AI chatbot around the site and make it have the ability to ask specific experts.

I took down my child theme yesterday as it was messing up with the main features of the updates, and I do not know what to do as I am not a developer.

Let me know if you have any luck.


With a bit of customisation, anything is possible. AnsPress provides the basis, and you’d need to extend it from there. Out of the box, it should work with *most* themes, but isn’t actually a theme in it’s own right – it’s a plugin, which means it extends functionality.

I’m in the process of putting together a platform that works in very much the same way. It’s a moving target, but take a look here and see if this is along the lines of what you are looking for.

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