AP: Required email field when not logged in

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Hello Rahul,

Here’s the question we’ve been skype about.

1. Required email field when not logged in

2. After sending the form check off there is a user with that email.

  • If not: Then make a user account with nickname from everything before the @ and use the email
  • If found then use that one for email correspodation if someone react on the question

I hope this is enough information.


greetz Rik

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@rahul: Nice job and almost there, a few fixes i think.


  1. syntax error on:

    public function __construct() {public function __construct() {
    add_action( ‘ap_ask_form_fields’, [ __CLASS__, ‘ap_ask_form_fields’ ] ); add_action( ‘ap_after_new_question’, [ __CLASS__, ‘save_custom_meta’ ], 1, 2 ); }

  2. I see the option when i’m login. Can you fix that it not visible or that there is the email of the login of the user.

  3. I get a email that there is a new question with user Anonymous when i’m not login and the user exist.
  4. If the user exist is the question then linked to the account ?
  5. When no user exist it makes a account and i think that is working. I get a email with the user info and not Anonymous. So i think this is ok.


I will send bij email FTP and login of the panel.

Great Job 🙂

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@rahul you see this ?


Hello Rik,

Include below file in your theme or just paste it in theme’s functions.php

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Please update this code compatible with the latest anspress version. It is not working in for Anspress 4. As the ap_ask_form_fields has been deprecated in newer version. Thanks.