Want to upgrade to latest version but don’t want Buddypress!!!

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Hi Rahul,

I’ve written before and your support is always impressive. I am using version 3.0.7 and love Anspress however… I’m really in a bind with the upgrade to the latest version. When I upgrade, I have to use BuddyPress (which I don’t want to use and with which I lose some nice menu functionality compared to your old users functionality) and see no way around that while keeping AnsPress up-to-date from a security standpoint.

I built out a Community (product forum) around a SaaS product and we like the functionality in 3.0.7. Can you help me find a way forward (either upgrading with the old user functionality or getting 3.0.7 some way to stay up-to-date) with this? It may be feasible to contract you on this if you’re amenable. You can see my user account, feel free to send me an email if you want to go that route.




BuddyPress is not compulsory but if BuddyPress is enabled then AnsPress profile will be disabled.

Current AnsPress profile is almost same as before we just have removed some useless functions. I am working on user profile to make it useful and user friendly.

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That’s great! I do have a followup question though. I am currently using a functionality that allows me to link to ‘https://ANSPRESS_PAGE_URL_PROFILE’ and get some really interesting profile functionality. Does that still exist? If so, how do I link to it now? (Doing so with AnsPress upgraded to the latest version is not producing the result it did before upgrading).