AnsPress will use myCRED and OpenBadge

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Hello friends,

We are not getting enough time to improve our reputation system and its not working properly in some points. So, instead of re-inventing the wheel we have decided to integrate MyCRED plugin with AnsPress for better pointing system. As it is widely used and open source.

Also, we will integrate AnsPress with OpenBadge plugin for user achievements.

This will save our time, so that we can focus on our core codes. Feel free to let us know if you know any better alternatives for this two plugins (must be open source).


Hi Rahul! Great plugin. I think it’s a wise choice to use mycred instead. Good call there.

Since you will abandon your built-in reputation system, would you suggest not to use it at all in the mean time? Also, I did plenty searches online about integrating mycred with AnspPress and to be honest I’m completely lost.

Should I disable the reputation from the AnsPress options and explicitly declare/create the ap_reputation from myCred? Is there any way we can do for now as such that the AnsPress reputation points will be added to mycred instead rather in a different table?

I’ve read in a separate question that you can’t since they’re different tables. But since you’re moving forward to mycred, perhaps there are developments on this already to make this possible.

Hoping for your response soon. Keep up the good work on the plugin. Nicely done.



Hi Aryan,


Point system is important for a site, since that will inecentive user to join the only marketing activities.

But, since there are already mycred hooks for posting question and answers:

and it is very easy to show user points balance by add mycred balance wedget, please check here:, also there are mycred shortcodes which support to create a page or a tab to show the balance and history points.

So, I do not think it is priority for Anspress now to improve reputation system, because reputation is award to user by a site, but who care or value reputation that you award? No, I do not think someone really care or value it. So,  reputation system is not so important for user and therefor not important for a site , since the amount of points that a user can achieve is the real benefits.

So, comparing the features we discussed before at, those feature is highly priority, I do not think it is wise to spend time on lower priority thing.

Because those features would extremely improve the use experience, that is real benefits to users, and that should be taken into firm step forward.

Thanks for comment on this answer(I do not how to reply to people who comment), I did not mean it is not important, and I just mean:

If you think all thing are important, no things important;  so you have to clarify the most important ones by high priority and lower priority.

I just do think it is at lower priority comparing with other feature request.



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I beg to respectfully disagree. I think this is, on the contrary, extremely important 🙂

The points system is very important for sites where users are responsible for questions, not site administrators.
Users need to be motivated and make gaming, otherwise they will not play it.
It is necessary to give points, titles, stickers, gifts for points, etc.

It is not advisable to develop your own system, it is better to use plug-ins that were developed for this purpose.

When choosing the main thing that the plug-in was maintained and updated, it was free and had many additions.


Hi, I see no documentation  related to how Anspress integrates with Mycred, and besides using ap_points as Mycred Point machine name doesn’t work. Any updates ?  🙂

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I agree – some documentation would be nice.


Is it gonna be in version 2.5? Please tell us when? 🙂
And what new features gonna be there ?