AnsPress Showcase – UPDATED

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Having looked at several plugins for a Q and A platform, I finally settled on AnsPress (DWQA came very close, believe me, but didn’t have the extensive modelling I wanted, unlike AnsPress). After a bit of an issue getting the X Pro theme to work, I almost abandoned AnsPress in favour of DWQA, but came back – and even changed my theme as I liked this project so much.

Firstly, I’m a developer, so extending the plugin base was a simple enough effort – as was changing a lot of the core functionality to give me the experience I wanted from the language perspective to function modification to make my platform more “bespoke”. Here’s the point. Despite everyone complaining about features being removed, and stuff that no longer works, these changes to AnsPress were critical. Critical in the sense that without adopting the WordPress templating system, further growth and expansion of the plugin would have effectively stopped. With this new model, there is so much than can be achieved with a little imagination. Want an example ?

My site here uses a modified version of AnsPress. I have renamed “Questions” to “Discussions” and “Answers” to “Responses” and changed several lines within the PO language file to make this possible. I also use snippets, which allow me to alter the functionality by leveraging filters and hooks to get the design I have in mind. It’s taken several months, but I’m *almost* there.

Want to see more ?

I’m still a little way of completion, but working on this when time permits.

I’ve had a lot of positive feedback from my community concerning AnsPress and the modifications that have been made. Remember, the next time you complain that something doesn’t work, just consider how much time and effort has gone into the development of this incredible free plugin, and also that people like me exist here to help out if that’s needed.

Enjoy AnsPress !

PS: I have no affiliation with AnsPress or Rahul, but know a well written plugin when I see it.

Really nice! I really like the “card” design approach for every intervention. I didn’t do much design on my AnsPress yet except some quick color changes but since I’m already using “card” layout for many elements, it’s definitely inspiring to see yours. 😀



really great site

i also want to make a site like yours, here my site

but i struggle to alter some text like you mention  “I have renamed “Questions” to “Discussions” and “Answers” to “Responses” and changed several lines within the PO language file to make this possible.”

can you tell me how to do it? which PO file should i edit.


commented on answer


i already make a new po and mo file using poeditor and upload them in anspress language folder, but how to set it as default language?


update again: found the solution. 😀

Thanks. Glad you got the translations working in the end.

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