Anspress 4: Email not working at all

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It seems that no email is sent from Anspress after upgrading to 4. The old email plugin is deleted, the new addon is enabled, no errors show anywhere. Simply no email is sent.

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Same problem here, clean 4.0 install and using latest Github version.
Other system mails are being send


Hello Guys,

I spotted the issue. There’s nothing wrong in code as all new question and answers are sending proper emails.

This is due to subscribers are not properly migrated. I am working on a fix.

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Rahul, i think if that was the case NEW Q & A would send emails. But even new Q / A don’t. Am i right ?

And we are talking also about emails to admin information.

I’m using a clean install and new questions won’t work either (admin & user mails)

Yesterday’s commit fixed the issue for sure. In your case make sure to enable email addon and check email options

Installed the latest version and can confirm it works now.
Great work Rahul, thank you!

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