How can i deactivate the sidebar on the main questions page please ?

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  1. I would like to deactivate the sidebar on my main page but i cannot do it within the theme, it does not work. Is there another way to do it please ?
  2. How can I add a breadcrumb on the question page please ?

Thanks !


Hello Rahu,

  1. I did but the questions disappear completely
  2. I dont understand your asnwer. In general can you be more precise on your answers please ?


  1. Copy your page.php contents to a new file anspress.php inside your theme. And remove sidebar markup from anspress.php
  2. You can use AP Before position for breadcrumb widget.
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Hi! Would you please explain more about this, because I’m also want to remove the default build in sidebars, so I add them by using page builder.

It’s simple, just don’t add any widget in AnsPress sidebars and it will not appear.