Anspress 4.0.5 & AskBug 3.0 Problems Still Continue (Is anybody there?)

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I follow the questions topics a lot of time and I see a lot of people have some problems. However, extension&theme provider does not answer the questions or issues. I just want to say, that’s not ethical that you do. All user pay you money but now you can not give any support to us. Where has such a disgrace been seen before? Envato platform or other theme&extension makers? I’m sure nobody saw it before like that. @rahularyan waited for us for the new version of anspress for a year and when we ask the new version you say repeatedly ‘we are trying to the beta process’. bla bla bla. Now this is the stable version you’re releasing? Are you kidding us? There are a lot of problems in the place where we put our hand. Now stick it your crappy theme and extension.

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