No email send to user

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No email is sent to user when new answer or new comment is made to his question (I have a email log plugin installed, which watches the wp_mail() function). Also the admin receives an email also if he comments on a question. So I get an email for my own comment, which is not necessary in my opinion.

Hello Zoker, I am already aware of this issue. This happened due to migration of subscribers. Working on function to restore post subscribers. I am sure this does not happens with nw question, right?
Also make sure email addon is active.

Sadly not even authors of new questions receive any mail. Actually anspress is not sending any email, except the one to the email address set in the email addon.
Here are the settings of the addon:

Maybe some other plugin is blocking anything…


Here Zoker,

Today I have re-tested all email notification again and here is the log screenshot for you: