4.1 I really think showing comments should be reconsidered

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So I did read the reasoning around not showing them. However, I still think it is a bad decision. That is content that adds depth to the individual question. The current notice there are comments is completely not obvious to website visitors.

A possible workaround is to show a certain amount of comments then have a more obvious way of letting people know there are even more comments they can reveal or view.

Realistically in most cases, there will be just 1 or 2 comments, but this is wasted content if it is not rendering by default.

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Hello guys,

You wished and we made it true ­čÖé

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loading more would be better, just think what about if there are thousands of comments. and administrator should be able to define how many comments load one time.


Hello Guys,

I talked to Rahul and he agreed to show some comments as per @wpcrafter’s request. You’ll be able to customize numbers of comments to show. New version will be released on Monday.

Apart from this, I also requested Rahul to post a poll on our site before adding and removing a functionality.
We appreciate your feedback.


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I agree its best to show comments it adds to the discussion


Hey WP Crafter,

Can you do me a favor? Go to my site and attempt to register as a new user, and then attempt to change your password to a custom password.


I cannot get it work on my end. Thanks,


BTW, love your videos.

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It worked for me.

Thank you. It must have been me. I tend to be hyper-critical of new themes.


Completely agree. And when you hit ‘back’ you are stuck with the screen pop, which is annoying.

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