[4.1.0-beta.1] Comments in modal window

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For older questions (activity before updating to 4.1 beta), even if there are comments, the modal window shows “No comments found”.

Other remarks:

  1. if closed once, the modal window can’t be opened again (if page is refreshed, modal window is opened right away) ;
  2. the AnsPress options to “Load comments” and “Numbers of comments to show” are not working anymore. Even though the modal window is really eye-candy and has a “wow-effect”, I think I prefer the 4.0 way with comments already opened under the question ;
  3. Modal window on mobile phone is out of viewport (gotta check if it’s theme related or not).
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First resolve comment issue. It look like it has something to do with permission. Please check if proper comment read permission is selected in AnsPress Options-> User access control. Also try adding a new comment and check if modal loads comments after that.

Fred, I have invited you to our slack. Please join there.


Hello Fred,

This issue is fixed.

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Thanks, gonna try right away. 😀

Yep, the old comments are now appearing, thanks!

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