AskBug Theme question before buy

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Hello, i am very interested in buying your theme but i need some answers first.

Does the theme come with Private Messages between users?

Can you follow  users?

Can you follow questions?

Do you have hover-card on username hover?

Can you embed youtube in questions?

Can you add a poll?

Do you have user badges?

Can you show me a working real example of your theme on some site?


1)private message is possible with buddypress 2) friend system supported with buddypress instead of follow system. 3)You can follow question “subscribe” 4)May add poll with other plugin 5) Need to try any badge plugin if it support anspress 6) I think hover feature is removed – not working for me 7) for demo you need to follow menu links above 8) I think youtube embed should work..didnt try


Hope it help.