AnsPress Update Annoucement

Hello everyone! 

Today, we’re happy to share some exciting news about the future of AnsPress. Rahul Aryan, the original developer of AnsPress, is a team member of Zen Projects, and AnsPress has been a personal project of his for several years. He’s done an excellent job, but supporting a popular, feature-rich plugin like AnsPress can be difficult for a one-man team. 

Zen Projects and Rahul have agreed to team up to bring substantial resources into the development of AnsPress and its related themes and extensions, and today, we’re releasing the initial fruits of this partnership, a substantial update to the core AnsPress plugin.

This update brings a number of fixes to the plugin as well as bringing it up to date with the latest version of WordPress and addresses a number of reported issues from our users. The plugin has also been updated to make sure the AnsPress shortcodes are compatible with the block editor updates that have been released with the latest versions of WordPress. 

This is just the beginning and we have several things coming your way in the near future! 

  • The next version of AnsPress, which is already under development, will include full block support completely integrating AnsPress into the WordPress block editor. 
  • A substantial update for the AskBug theme will be released soon, which will bring the theme completely up to date and address several issues that have been reported. 
  • A new marketing site with updated documentation, a revamped support system, including ticket support and ways for users to report bugs in the plugin directly to the support team, and a development roadmap.
  • A brand new theme with additional flexibility and an updated design. This new theme will be available to current AskBug license holders at no additional cost. 
  • Further down the pipeline, there will be a release of several extensions that will integrate AnsPress with several popular plugins for WordPress.

We’re very excited about the future of AnsPress, and hope this update will show you our continued support and dedication to making AnsPress the best Q&A plugin for WordPress. 

Looking forward to getting to know you all more, and working together with you over the next months and years.

Thank you! 

Dan Jordan

Zen Projects

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