AnsPress 4.3.0

Today AnsPress version 4.3.0 was released and this update introduces a new top reputation leaderboard widget you can add to your AnsPress. This leaderboard will display the top most reputable contributors to your Q and A sections.

The widget comes with the following customizations:

  • Widget location
  • Number of users to display
  • Size of avatars to display
  • Size of grid to display users in

We hope you find this update exciting and useful as a way to drive more engagement on your website.  You can find this feature under Appearance > Widgets.

For more detailed changes, please see the github links below:

  • Updated node dependencies
  • Added leaderboard widget

Development Changelog:…4.3.0

Release details


Download source code.

You can also get it using composer or git clone.


Those who contributed for this release.


New actions and filters introduced in this release.

Total 2 new hooks introduced in this release. View all


Total 7 Commits


Total 306 changes


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