Independent WordPress pages for AnsPress page

As you may already know, AnsPress needed a WordPress page (base page) for rendering its content. Due to the complexity in customization, we have decided to use WP page for every AnsPress page.

Improved template hierarchy and question permalink

Since its initial release, AnsPress was using a single page to present all its contents and which was producing many side-effects. Many third party plugins were not working well with the AnsPress. To fix this issue, we have decided to improve our template hierarchy.

Improved comment(s) layout and form. Added anonymous comment posting.

In earlier versions of AnsPress, when there were too many comments, the user had to click the comment button repeatedly. In addition, the new comment form and editing form was not user friendly. In order to improve user experience we have moved comments to new modal interface. We have added PHP based comment form. Earlier it was generated using JS and people had issue overriding it. We added PHP based comment form. Earlier forms were generated using JS. While overriding people had to face problems. Apart from all this, we have significantly improved comment posting permissions.

New form and validation classes introduced in AnsPress 4.1.0

For this release we have decided to improve existing functionalities rather than adding new ones. We noticed that the developers were facing lots of problems adding new fields. There has not been much improvement in the AnsPress form and validation since the release of version 2.0. While improving forms and validations, we were taking care of certain things: Adding custom fields to the AnsPress form. Adding child fields. Validating and sanitation of fields. Letting the developers add their own field types. But we felt that editing existing form class will be confusing as it was not well commented. So, we decided to go with a new class. Old classes files were completely removed from core. Form source and methods can be found here: AnsPress\Form.

AnsPress 3.0 Changelog

We are very happy to announce that AnsPress 3.0 is stable and released to WordPress plugin repository. All extensions and themes are updated as well. Download from GitHub: AnsPress 3.0 .

Whats new in AnsPress 3.0

Everyone is eagerly waiting for AnsPress 3.0 release. We did many core improvements and bug fixes in this version. Most of the bugs are fixed and we are very close to release AnsPress 3.0. I will talk about few major updates of AnsPress here.