AnsPress 4.1.5

We are pleased to announce the last release of AnsPress for this year.  Development will resume again after 2nd January.

A major feature AnsPress\Session() is introduced in this release. AnsPress session will be helpful for storing custom session variable of a user. In previous release there was a bug which prevents anonymous users to view their post when new question/answer status is set to moderation. To fix this bug, we need to know that the current user is the original poster but things are complicated when we cannot use PHP session. As you already know that WP does not utilize PHP session, so we have to introduce our custom session handler.

Improved tags field validation and included selectize.js library for better tags suggestion. Apart from this there are few bug fixes which can be found below.

Release details


Download source code.

You can also get it using composer or git clone.


Those who contributed for this release.


New actions and filters introduced in this release.


  1. They need to know that the current user is the original poster in order to correct a bug, but things get complex when they can’t use PHP sessions.

  2. As you may be aware, WordPress does not use PHP sessions, so they must create their own session handler.


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