AnsPress 4.1.19

We are excited to announce a new update to AnsPress, as well as some news about the future of this plugin.

First, we have just released AnsPress version 4.1.19, which includes these changes:

  • Automated post status no longer added when ap_current_user_ignore is set.
  • Margin and padding class conflicts with tailwind resolved.
  • Now prevents processing tags field when saving from wp-admin.
  • Fixed query hook preventing preventing filtering questions in wp-admin.
  • Updated the donation link in readme.txt
  • Fixed translation not working for ap_human_time.
  • Moved json parsing to try catch block.
  • “Add” in tags field translatable is now translatable.
  • Removed aggressive query caching in favour of 3rd party caching.

Second, we are happy to announce that AnsPress has received increased resources to bolster its development. Work on the plugin and the associated AskBug WP theme has resumed. What this means is that we will be implementing a regular update schedule for AnsPress and the associated AskBug theme. We have also re-opened our community and requests for custom AnsPress work. Please drop by the AnsPress Community to leave feedback, interact with other members, and lend a helping hand. When considering what updates we are making next, we will be listening to community feedback.

To be clear, the base AnsPress plugin will always be Open Source and available to those who want it, and that is not going to change.

Work will also continue on the AskBug theme, and we have re-opened the purchases and updates of licenses of the theme for anyone interested. If you run into any issues there, please email us at support “at” Our first major update to the theme should be incoming within the month, and focuses on increasing the customization options and quality of life fixes.

Please note our system for publishing the contributions and our changelog was not working since so the below info includes information from to now. We greatly appreciate everyone who has contributed to the project and we hope to see more in the future.

After going through almost a year’s worth of questions and requests, we are touched that AnsPress has such dedicated users and we are looking forward to continuing to improve AnsPress for all of you.


Release details


Download source code.

You can also get it using composer or git clone.


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