AnsPress 4.1.13

  1. Show unpublished questions of user’s separately
  2. Do not include session posts to question query
  3. Fix: including session posts in query creating lots of issue
  4. Allow html in single-category.php Description. Author: Brad Griffin
  5. Category is not selected in ask form when category parameter is passed
  6. New feature: Create account for user
  7. Removed some deprecated methods and functions
  8. Fixed: class ‘AnsPress_Post_Table_Hooks’ does not have a method ‘filter_comments_query’
  9. Send post_title to akismet
  10. Fixed pagination issue when in main user page. Fixes #486
  11. Check post updated before delete images
  12. Fixed conflict in `human_time_diff`
  13. Minor fixes by Author YOONBYEONGIN 
  14. AP_Activate would be invalid without activate.php Author: awijasa
  15. Improved modal
  16. Allow excluding session posts

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