AskBug Update – Version 3.3.0

  • [Fix] Load more button position in User Profile Reputation page
  • [Fix] User profile pages’ about link page does not display the question contents
  • [Fix] Notification number not displayed in the header top right area under the user menu links
  • [Fix] Site icon addition through Customize option does not remove the default favicon set via theme
  • [Fix] Answer block Show button link under AskBug Intro section filter is not working
  • [Fix] QUESTIONS links on footer sidebar area filter is not working
  • [Fix] Footer middle left and Footer middle right string
  • [Fix] Display Site Title and Tagline customize option effecting 404 error page description
  • [Fix] Something went wrong, last action failed. message showing up when clicking on notifications icon
  • [Fix] PHP Warning: Undefined array key number
  • [Fix] Uncaught ReferenceError: jQuery is not defined
  • [Fix] No Masonry layout for the User Profile page about link page contents
  • [Fix] PHP Warning: Trying to access array offset on value of type null
  • [Fix] PHP Warning: foreach() argument must be of type array|object, null given
  • [Fix] PHP Deprecated message Required parameter $file follows optional parameter $type
  • [Fix] Extra // in the menu items created with Import now! button
  • [Fix] jQuery.fn.delegate(),, jQuery.fn.change(), and jQuery.fn.submit() is deprecated
  • [Fix] Search form not automatically focused when clicked on the search toggle button
  • [Fix] Password Reset String
  • [Fix] User profile uploaded avatar image not updated until Dynamic Avatar addon is not enabled
  • [Fix] (AskBug) Social Links widget social icons hover removes the display of icon added in sidebar area other than the footer
  • [Fix] PHP warning on (AskBug) Site Stats widget
  • [Fix] PHP warning on (AskBug) About widget
  • [Fix] PHP warning on (AskBug) Top Users widget
  • [Fix] PHP warning on (AskBug) Social Links widget
  • [Fix] LinkedIn and Pinterest icons not displaying for (AskBug) Social Links widget
  • [Fix] What is reputation? default widget goes to a 404 page not found error page
  • [Fix] Import AskBug demo data (widgets and menu) is always possible
  • [Fix] AskBug Footer Left customize options section is always displayed
  • [Fix] Widget content overlap on the User Profile page
  • [Fix] Footer left sidebar area displays the site title and description in the front end however not in the Customize options page
  • [Fix] Users page breadcrumb trail does not display the last trail item
  • [Fix] Function the_widget was called incorrectly. Widgets need to be registered using register_widget(), before they can be displayed.
  • [Fix] Reputation events icon position
  • [Fix] Top Right (logged in) and Top Right (non logged in) menu
  • [Fix] Upload an Avatar and Cover Image Cursor Not Proper
  • [Fix] Main color customize option when cleared creates an error
  • [Fix] User registration button link is displayed even though WordPress Membership option is disabled
  • [Fix] User registration form is displayed even though WordPress Membership option is disabled
  • [Fix] Code and line number placement not in same place
  • [Fix] Comments list design not proper
  • [Fix] Only visible to admin and moderator. checkbox option not proper
  • [Fix] No “about me” yet.. showing if no author bio is added
  • [Fix] Category icon placement is not exactly in center for the individual category page
  • [Fix] Category dropdown toggle design issue

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