How to allow custom file uploads in AnsPress

For AnsPress version 5.0.0 and below

This FAQ is moved to: Allow uploading custom file types

For AnsPress version 5.0.0 and above

If you’re using the AnsPress plugin for question-and-answer functionality on your WordPress site, you have the power to fine-tune the types of files users can upload.  The ‘allowed_file_mime’ option is the key feature to make this happen.

What are MIME Types?

Before we configure the option, a quick primer on MIME types. MIME (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions) types are like digital fingerprints for files. They tell your website (and web browsers)  how to interpret a file. For example, the MIME type for a JPEG image is “image/jpeg”, while a PDF has a MIME type of “application/pdf”.

Why Control File Uploads?

Security:  Restricting file uploads is a security best practice.  By only allowing specific MIME types, you prevent  users from potentially uploading malicious files disguised with misleading file extensions.
Functionality: Your website is designed to handle certain file types.  Allowing users to upload any files they want could lead to unexpected errors or issues if they try to upload an unsupported file format.

Configuring the ‘allowed_file_mime’ Option

You’ll find the ‘allowed_file_mime’ option within the AnsPress settings:
WP Admin->AnsPress->Settings->Other Permissions->Allowed file mime types.


Each line specifies an allowed file type. Here’s the structure:
File extension(s) => MIME type
Use a pipe symbol (|) to separate multiple file extensions for the same MIME type.


jpeg|jpg => image/jpeg
png => image/png
gif => image/gif
pdf => application/pdf
doc|docx => application/msword


The AnsPress plugin has built-in validation to ensure you enter a correct MIME type.

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