User profile page not loading or redirects to home page

This solution was shared in our support forum by @strannajaplaneta:

The simplest answer is, your author archive page is disabled by your SEO plugin, if you are using Yoast SEO it is automatically set to disabled so you don’t get page duplicate. Flow this guide to enable it: How to disable or enable the author archives. If you are using other SEO plugin do a google search.

You can check discussion here: From Fast 1 week There error whenever someone clicks on their profile it redirects to our Homepage ?.


  1. Hello,
    Just started with anspress. Checking all pages I found the profile page gives a 404. I’m not using Yoast or any SEO plugin. When I login with another account the profile page shows up in stead of the homepage.

  2. Perhaps I found it:
    In the admin panel -add ons- I activated the profil, now the profile shows up.


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