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Quick Question: Why does your plugin require a user to select the “Write Your Answer” section and require loading via loadeditor as opposed to simply allowing immediate access to the field? This seems unappealing and has an immediate impact on the user experience. Admittedly, I’m a bit turned off by this function. After viewing other sites with the plugin, this functionality seems to be problematic from a performance standpoint and does not align with how other question/answer websites operate.

Why does this functionality exist and can it be disabled?



Thanks for the heads up Rahul.

Have you seen the editor conflict with themes in the past? I’m doing some initial testing to see if this plugin is the direction we want to go and am noticing that theme is preventing the editor from displaying when using the TinyMCE option.

I don’t need to troubleshoot at the moment but, would like to confirm that this will be a relatively easy fix.

Thanks again for your help,


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Never seen any conflict with TinyMCE. Can you check what is the error in your browser console?


This is done to speed up page load.

Initially we used to load the editor directly but due to the TinyMCE assets page loading was taking much time. It get worse when user’s internet is slow. Also why preload the answer form if user just want to read the answer?

After receiving many reports about this issue I decided to load answer form using ajax.

You can disable it using hooks.