Working with BuddyPress/BuddyBoss? What does it do?

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Hoping someone can help us understand what that Add-On does because we’re using it and yet can’t figure out what’s compelling about it.

  • We see that “Reputation” shows up on profiles, but the scoring is still limited to AnsPress engagement and doesn’t account for any other posts, votes, shares, etc. on the community
  • We see that Questions asked get shared automatically to the post feed

Is that it?
Trying to figure out how to add and restrict a Category or Tag of Questions to Groups.  Would be nice for:

  • Private Group Q&A such as site feedback or company team FAQs
  • Questions about the business, organized with the company team
  • Setting up Groups with people who are subject matter experts or specialists, so Q&A related to what they do can be organized with them

Any of that possible??

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Nothing eh? Arg. Back to the drawing board…


Hello Paul,
Sorry for late answer (we have limited people to handle support but we in process to expand it).
You are right, AnsPress reputation is limited to only anspress activities but it can be easily extended if you are familiar with PHP.
And category restriction is also a custom feature which we can add to your site if you go for customization service.

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