Version 4.1.0. New form and validation class 😎

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Hello Friends,

I have written a blog post on our new form and validation class, have a look New form and validation classes introduced in AnsPress 4.1.0.

I think most of people are unaware about our upcoming version 4.1.0. We have been working on this for 3 months. We did not add new features, but instead we focused on improving our existing functionalities. Few major changes are:

  1. Improved form fields and validation. Added new fields type like upload, repeatable, group, editor, etc. Using this new form class, it will be lot more easier to add fields in question/answer form. Also adding new field types will be lot more easier then before.
  2. All pages of AnsPress is now following WordPress template hierarchy. Single question page behave like an actual single page. This change in AnsPress will make sure that 3rd party plugin and widgets will work as expected.

There are over 100+ changes made to this version but it will not require upgrade process like it was done while upgrading from 3.x to 4.x. No special steps requires while updating. A detailed changelog will be added in our blog section once we release a beta version.

We are not pushing our commits to master branch anymore as it breaks other dependent sites. You can find our development branch here: or it can be updated following this steps How to update AnsPress from GitHub repository?.

We request the developers to test this new version. It will help us release new version as soon as possible.

Thanks for choosing AnsPress.


Rahul Aryan


Can we request for a help? If you have not starred our GitHub repository yet then visit this link and give us a star. We will always grateful for your love and support. Below is a screenshot to help you find the star button ?


Great, I’ll try it as soon as possible! 😀

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Should I push my commit to the master branch or to 4.1.0 then?

Please avoid pushing to master branch. Thanks

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