User Profile Image update is not working

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I have installed Askbug theme and the site is up and running. Only issue I have faced is the profile image updation is not working. Here is the flow.

  1. Click on upload icon on profile image.
  2. Select image from your pc
  3. Once uploaded it says
  4. In the network response I am seeing the blow html/json after ajax call.
    <pre><div id=”ap-response”>{“success”:true,”snackbar”:{“message”:”Successfully uploaded avatar”},”url”:”https:\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/ap_avatars\/c4ca4238a0b923820dcc509a6f75849b.jpg”,”type”:”avatar”,”ap_responce”:true,”is_ap_ajax”:true}</div></pre>

But if I refresh the page, the newer profile image is not reflecting. It is still showing the same older image.


PS: The cover image upload is working fine.

You can see the live website here


Please give me solution to this.

Thank You


And a bug is in the same above part itself. The word-wrap is not happening. You can see the line exceeded the box.

Hello, Is BuddyPress installed? or any avatar plugin installed?

No, not installed. But the buddypress integration is enabled in Anspress add-ons. The wp-user-avatar plug in installed but this was installed after the bug to see if it can solve the problem.