Question title not showing – directly overriding the Global Query object???

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So this is weird, with the theme I am using, the question title doesn’t appear. Contacted my theme developer and they responded:
“I have checked for this issue and this got reproduced on my end as well. I checked the code of AnsPress plugin and found that they are using non-standard WordPress way to override the page title for question page. They are directly overriding the Global Query object rather they should use the WordPress filters that are available for modifying specifically the page title.”

Is there a reason that displaying the questions title works this way?



That was done for a reason. Initially many people have reported that question title is not appearing when using SEO plugisn specially WP seo. To fix that issue I had to override global query object of AnsPress base page.

Since then no one have reported title issue until now. You can use:

ap_page_title function your page template if page title is blank for you.