Two forms are created

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The question form has two forms.

(Since I am Japanese-speaking, the site is also in Japanese. The title, category, text, and tags are displayed from the top. Two each are displayed.)

I wrote only one shortcode for [anspress].
There are no anspress or javascript errors.
It was working normally until the day before. I haven’t made any changes today.
I rewrote the shortcode again and saved it, deleted the cache, refreshed the page, etc., but it didn’t work.

Please let me know if there is a way to fix it.

thank you for reading. I’m sorry if the English is difficult to understand.

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We had received similar kind of bug report before but we were never able to find the cause of this issue. Few reported that this was due to the Yoast SEO plugin but we never able to replicate that on our side. Pleas share list of plugins and theme you are using and we will try to replicate the issue.

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