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Hi Rahul,
I love the plugin so far and really appreciate what you’re doing.
Rahul, I want to show top users based on reputation on my website but I did not find the right code on your website or in support section. For some reason I can’t change the design of my website so is it possible to have that functionality on cutom theme instead of Askbug theme.
Any help would be highly appreciated.

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Hello Kanika,
Thanks for your feedback, here is the code which will return an array of top users:

$user_args = array(
  'ap_query'     => true,
  'role__not_in' => [ 'administrator', 'ap_moderator' ],
  'number'       => $number,
 $ap_user_query = get_users( $user_args );

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Hi Rahul,
I’ve added the code that I found on your website’s support section, it was a widget, I implemented the code in functions.php of my website, Right now its showing the top users section but the output is wrong. it’s only showing last 5 registered users instead of based on their reputation. can you please check and advise the correct solutions. you can view it at the right hand side bar.


May be some bug. I have added it to development list here: