Text editor not load

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hi rahul,

Really sory to bothering you again,

my text editor not showing like the normal editor. here is the picture

upper left read sqare: text editor when submit answer

bottom left : text editor when submit new question

upper right : permalink setting on anspress option

bottom rigth: setting on wordpress setting -> permalink

I understand this is because permalink because this happen AFTER i change my front page to other page ( previously my main page is the base page which cause my ‘cant edit answer’ problem).  but when i tried to set my front page back to the base page as front page, the editor still broken and as i have 2 sub domain using anspress, both already updated to 4.17, the one is working well the other which i mainly use is broken.

and i’ve read previous question about text editor, nothing have clear step-by-step solution.

thank you for you help.



found the solution:

using tool, i click Permanently delete all AnsPress user data, all AnsPress options and all AnsPress terms

and everything back to normal.

thank rahul for the awesome plugin 😀