SOLVED – Permalinks broke with v. 4.1.7 update

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Hi. Permalinks were fine until the most recent update (via wordpress). How can I fix? (PS: Anspress is run on a membership site with private forum, so it’s not visible to public).

I should add that the main forum view listing the threads is visible, as well as all the pages. So all titles, tags, activities cat, etc… are viewable. But single threads lead to 404s.


UPDATE: I finally figured it out. SEO Ultimate caused a conflict with 4.17.

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Good stuff – I just commented about another plugin potentially causing the issue and didn’t see this response. Great spot.


Do you have another plugin that is perhaps rewriting urls or an incorrectly set .htaccess ?

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I checked it a few times, and it doesn’t look like it.



As of previous version AnsPress permalinks are automatically tested in real browser so there is less chance of issue in AnsPress. Make sure all base pages are set.

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If by ‘base pages’ you mean: Archives, Ask, User, Cat, Tags, and Activities pages .. then that’s done. The issue is that the posts by individuals (the single page slug in permalinks options) all return a 404.

If I go to All Answers and hit ‘edit’ for a given single post, I can see that the content is still there… but the permalink leads nowhwere.


Hi. have you been to AnsPress settings and reapplied the permalinks ?

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Yes, a few times:) I did read through some threads and try to troubleshoot the issue for about an hour or so yesterday, but no dice. It’s also rather odd because I saw that permalinks were having problems with past version and the recent release fixed that. So I’m perplexed:)