Social Share Plugins – What Works and What not !

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Recently several people asked here about sharing anspress Questions in social networks.

It seems that no plugin works right with Anspress. The Question SHARE link is ALWAYS the base page of Anspress and not the individual Question.

Not sure how to solve this.

i use the elegant themes sharing plugin

@Tarrence that is a PAID plugin and not free.


I would like to manually put some php code for social share. I want it to appear before or after the Question Title.

What file must i edit ? Please help Rahul !



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Actually this issue occurs due to AnsPress design. AnsPress reset all loop in shortcode. So in single question page $post is only overridden while processing shortcode and after that loop is being reset. I am trying to find a solution to fix this problem.

Actually after trying around 30 social share plugins, i found TWO that work very well with Anspress (not via shortcode).

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