Single question page not showing in Localhost (working on website)

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I just took a backup of site using “WP Sync DB” plugin alongwith all plugins and themes. Single question page is working fine on my live website (, but on my localhost (using wampserver on windows 10) it’s showing completely empty (on inspection – nothing is there in body tag).

However Questions list page and Ask Question page are displaying fine. Any idea, what is causing single question page to not display?

Anspress v4.1.4

Or any other way to take backup to local server (so far all the plugins I found other than “WP Sync DB” are charging more than I can invest).



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@atultiwari – that error message you’ve provided indicates that there isn’t enough memory allocated in php.ini – you might want to increase that. Having said that, this particular plugin you are using (not AnsPress) could be poorly written and doesn’t execute in an efficient manner.

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Or due to a infinite loop.


Hello Dr. Atul,

I don’t see such issue while using with the plugin you have mentioned. Even order is working fine.

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Ok. thanks for the update. I think my local server didnt provide enough memory (as compared to live website, where both plugins are easily working simultaneously)


I just found out that some other plugin is causing this issue (yet to find out which one).

So it’s predominantly other plugin’s issue (only relation with anspress is that it’s affecting the single question page only).


Dumb me, posted the question without proper investigation


Edit 1:

I found out that, when I activate Plugin named – Post Types Order by Nsp Code, Anspress single question page doesn’t load on Localhost. I am attaching the screenshot of error (I didn’t go into details as why is it happening)-

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Hello Dr. Atul,
Can you tell me which plugin causing this issue? I would like to check if I can provide a fix in AnsPress.

Hi Rahul, I have updated my answer with conflicting plugin details.

Ok I am checking this issue.