Show comments by default is not working [4.1.0]

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After update from 4.0.5 to 4.1.0, comments are not showing. I picked the load comments option but it doesn’t change anything. That pop-up comments are really annoying to me.

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I wouldn’t say “annoying” but I completely agree that the option to show comments by default should still be available. I’m used to AnsPress and I still miss some comments when not shown. So for someone not even used to that system, they might completely miss most of the conversation going on…


Hello Guys,

Comments will remain like this. Let me describe the reason for doing this.

In the previous design, comments was below the post and it was ling great when there were 3 or 4 comments. But problem arises when we had a lot of comments. Apart from this we were unable to add comment pagination because it will not match the existing design.

That’s why I had to use a model to improve UX.

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I understand that. On my site there’re max. 4-5 comments. I would install a forum software if there were more comments. So that’s a decision changer to me. I went back to v4.0.5 and accidentaly it’s faster than before. In addition, comments are how I liked. There are some mixture in admin panel but it’s not a problem to me. Thanks anyway.