Shortcode for questions STILL doesn’t work properlly

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(From this thread:
I have an Elementor template for the Anspress Questions, and i need to show the question by using a shortcode widget from Elementor. Im doing that by using a dynamic ID, so the shortcode result is something like [question id=993]
Doing this, the question is showing, but WITHOUT the answers and WITHOUT the textbox to write a new answer.
Instead of this, the question is showing with a “See all answers” button, that is not working.
I need to show the question with all answers visible and with the textbox to write a new answer visible too.
PD: I tried to use [anspress post_parent=”XXX”] shortcode, but seems to work in Elementor editor screen but not in the frontend (result is in blank)

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Single question shortcode is not meant to show only summery of a question. For all answers and form, it will not work.
As I said before single question page can be easily modified using PHP code and is well documented but we have not tested it with builders.
If you want you can get in touch with us for customization service.

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