Shortcode for questions doesn’t work

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Im working with Anspress and Elementor. I created a “question template” with Elementor Theme Builder, and now im trying to use the shortcode question, but doesn’t works.
I tried:

[question id=XXX]
[question id="XXX"]

Also I tried other shortcodes like:

[anspress post_parent="XXX"]

All the time the results are in blank. If I see the code only prints:

<div id="anspress" class="ap-eq"></div>

Im doing something wrong?

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This has been fixed. And new version will release shortly.

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I see now [question] shortcode is working… but not properlly 🙁

I have an Elementor template for the Anspress Questions, and i need to show the question by using a shortcode widget from Elementor. Im doing that by using a dynamic ID, so the shortcode result is something like [question id=993]

Doing this, the question is showing, but WITHOUT the answers and WITHOUT the textbox to write a new answer.

Instead of this, the question is showing with a “See all answers” button, that is not working.

I need to show the question with all answers visible and with the textbox to write a new answer visible too.

Thanks 🙂

PD: I tried to use [anspress post_parent="XXX"] shortcode, but seems to work in Elementor editor screen but not in the frontend (result is in blank)


Something new with this?

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Thanks for reporting. This seems to be a bug. I have created an issue and will be fixed shortly.

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Ok thank you Rahul 😉