Rename Reputation to a different name.

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Is there an easy way to replace the term reputation with something different. I know that I can easily override the theme files under anspress/theme/default but there are some mentions in notification.php which is in anspress/includes and seems like a core functionality.

I don’t want to modify this file since it will be overwritten upon plugin update. Any suggestions ? Thanks.


I have answered similar question many time here, it can achieved easily. You can use WP translations and in translation rename reputation to whatever you want.

Make sure to keep po file name as your default language, I think it will be ap-en_US.po

Thanks, I’ve never worked with translations in the past. All my websites have been for English users only. I guess I will have to learn now 🙂


I’m trying to achieve this same thing, can you provide some more instruction on how to this? I looked in my languages folder of the plugin and I don’t see ap-en_US.po at all?

I’ve uploaded an image of what it looks like, not sure if I’m on the wrong path. 

Then create it using ap.pot file using poedit