Questions from a newbie to anspress

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congratulation for the great job ! I am trying ansPress on my website with wordpress and Divi, both latest.
A few questions:

  1. on the anspress home page, when clicking on the category filter, none appears (tought I have created 5), there is only the search window, and nothing after.
  2. on the category page, I want to change the category pictures. But editing the page forces me to divi, and divi knows only the [anspress] tag which displays anspress home page. How to change those pictures ?
  3. how to access the category page form anspress home page ? Do I need to create a link myself somewhere on the page ?
  4. The question homepage has no sidebar (which is how I designed it). But when clicking on any question, there is a right sidebar. How can I get rid of this sidebar ?

Thank you again !

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